"Be Mine" February Mystery Box!

It's the,"BE MINE",February Mystery Box!

Each box is different! Different designs, different pieces, different vibes. All the same excitement!! 

Boxes will be valued anywhere between $80 - $150 for only $39.99!

Get the ultimate V-Day gift for a stoner loved one? Or, a gift for yourself? How about something for your stoner best friend.....

Items might include some of the following:

    • EVRI Dip Device
    • Water Piece
    • Lipstick Pipe
    • Chillum
    • Koala Puffs VDay Card
    • Hot Chocolate Bombs
    • Bong cleaner
    • 420 Odor Remover
    • Rolling tray
    • Pop Zombie makeup palette
    • Roach clips
    • KP Lifestyle Merch
    • Rolling accessories (e.g. lighter/papers)
    • Cannabis friendly flag
    • Fun stoner activity sets

* Selecting an optional clothing size does not guarantee you will receive a clothing item*