Monthly Mystery Box!

It's the Koality Box Mystery Box!

Each box is different! Different designs, different pieces, different vibes. All the same excitement!! 

Boxes will be valued anywhere between $80 - $150 for only $49.99!

Need a gift for a loved one? Or a gift for yourself? How about something for your stoner best friend? A mix of smoking accessories and lifestyle pieces for all the stoners in your life!

Items might include some of the following:

    • Custom Koala Puffs Glass Rolling Tray by VS Syndicate
    • EVRI Dip Device
    • Bong (Varies from : F-2020/MAV/or PieceMaker)
    • Bong cleaner
    • Silicone pipes/mini bongs
    • Glass hand pipes
    • Cleaning Tech Accessories 
    • Pop Zombie makeup palette
    • Stash Scarf
    • Roach clips
    • TopPuff Portable Grav Bong
    • Rolling accessories (e.g. lighter/papers)
    • Cannabis friendly flag
    • Custom ceramic Pipes
    • Stoner crafts

*Preference selections are to help our team curate your box. Selecting an optional clothing size does not guarantee you will receive a clothing item.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good stuff

You will get beauty supplies. If you don't want them, I think you can mark like unisex or something. I got a scarf and a facial thing. plus a buuuuunch of smoking supplies. Cute and sturdy bongs! I will say it is quality stuff.


I enjoy everything you do God bless you always keep up the great work you doing miss you I wat h you all the time.