The Koala 420 Box

It's the Koala Puffs 42Box

*Limited Quantity*
The KP Lifestyle team has done it again! Carefully curated by Koala and Team, this 420 box is sure to please everyone from the beginner toker to the well seasoned connoisseur! 
So get your lungs ready, because this box brings all the smoke.

In this month's Koality Care Package, you will get the following: 

10" Beaker Ice Pinch Bong 
*Downstem/Bowl Included
Koala Glass Rolling Tray
Happy Kit on the go Rolling Kit
Stash Jar
Clipper Lighter
INEX Glass Rolling Tip
Gluegar Sticks(2x)
High Hemp Wraps(2x)
Smoke Buddy Mini
Custom Grinder
Glass Chillum
420 Odor Removal Spray

*Get Ready!*

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