Koality Mystery Box!

It's the Koality Mystery Box!

Each box is different! Different designs, different pieces, different vibes. All the same excitement!! 

Boxes will be valued around $140+ for only $64.99!

Need a gift for a loved one? Or a gift for yourself? How about something for your stoner best friend? A mix of smoking accessories and lifestyle pieces for all the stoners in your life!

Box Preference? 420=Flower and 710=Oil/Concentrate (The 420/710 option for your box preference will help us fulfill your box with smoking accessories (we do not include any THC products in our boxes). 

**Please note that requests for items in the notes are not guaranteed items you will receive**

What you can expect from our Mystery Boxes:

Chrissy Harless Unboxing Video

Edwin Sparks (Third High Productions) Video

Items might include some of the following:

    • Bong or Rig (Varies in design)
    • Bong cleaner
    • Glass hand pipes
    • Large Bubblers
    • Rolling accessories (e.g. lighter/papers)
    • Torch
    • Ash Tray
    • Grinder
    • Rolling Tray
    • Stash Jar
    • Banger
    • Carb Cap
    • Dab Tool
    • Steam Roller
    • Nectar Collector


Order Processing Times: All orders are processed and shipped out within 5-7 business days following your order placement date (this does not include the shipping time selected at checkout). Please e-mail info@koalapuffs.com for any inquiries about your order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews
Dominique Gonzales
Mystery box 📦

I absolutely love my 710 mystery box came with so much cool stuff inside Definitely worth the money. I didn’t get to use my piece right away. Didn’t have a carb cap put all around a great box. S/o to “THAT GUY” for making my box .🥰 stay high💨🤎


Received my first ever box today. OMG what a great present to my self! The quality of the glass pieces I received are amazing. I am so excited, I will definitely be ordering again for myself and for my friends as gifts in the future. You CAN NOT beat the amount of product you get for this price! There are even a few items I'm not exactly sure how to use, happens when your an old school smoker.

Amazing Mystery Box

This was my first purchase and I loved everything I got!♡ I was excited but also nervous to see what I was going to get. I got the 420 flower option and did not request anything specific. I mainly just asked for something fun and stoney for a girly like myself. I was open to really anything because after all it is a mystery box.
I ended up getting a shirt, bong, ash catcher (I paid extra for), moose lab filters, ice cream pipe, Mr. Nice Guy cleaner, keif/wax holder, grinder, king balm wraps and filters in some yummy flavors, rose wraps, rolling papers, candle, bovada humidity packs, and tons of slaps/stickers! ☆Shout out to "that guy" for packing my box I loved everything and thank you! The box also got to me really fast. Despite the box being pretty damaged when it arrived, nothing broke!
Highly recommend, it was fun to receive and open!

Karoline boggess

I just received my order and I am so happy with what I received!! I love ordering g from koala bc I'm never dissatisfied everything is always so nice and the goodies are amazing I'm so thankful for everything I get. I get so many new things and they are really cool, like I have never seen anything like it before and it's just awesome!!!! I 1000% recommend

Dream Smokin Box

For the price, you can't buy just the bong! I got several ways to smoke, 2 bongs, a sweatshirt(cost close to box price also!) Plus the fact that you can't find some of the stuff in my state! The picture speaks for itself! Try it you won't be disappointed! Thanks Koala and Juan