Monthly Koality Box

It's the January Koality  Box  

*Limited Quantity*
The Koality team has done it again! Carefully curated by Koala and Team, this November Koality box is sure to please everyone from the beginner toker to the well seasoned connoisseur! 
So get your lungs ready, because this box brings all the smoke.

In this month's Koality Care Package, you will get the following: 


MJ Arsenal Mini Rig and Banger  (Assorted Types/Designs)

MJ Arsenal Bubbler (Assorted Types/Designs)

MJ Arsenal Carb Cap (Assorted Types/Designs)

Mr. Nice Guy Cleaner (x2)

Proswab Q-tips

Vibe Cones

Jumbo Butt Bucket

Dab Mat

Cookies Mini Grinder and Tray

Newport Lighter

**Each item can vary in design/color based on the box you received**


Please double check if you are purchasing a subscription or a one time purchase of our Koality Box. By purchasing a subscription to our monthly Koality boxes today, you agree to a minimum of 2 monthly box purchases before you can cancel your subscription. You may skip any month you wish in your customer portal and may cancel your subscription at any time after you meet the minimum amount of purchases. All subscribers will be charged on the 1st of each month. The special price of $69.99 per box is only for those who have an active subscription with us. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Nina Chavez

I love this box! So happy to get one with a MJA!! Keep up the amazing work Koala and Koality Fam!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

Not a dabber

This was the first box that I felt was NOT for me... I do not dab so I missed my new bong and supplies geared towards my smoking preferences. I gave away virtually the entire box! I did love the stickers and the tank joint holder. I am hoping this next box will be all the goodies for a flower lady or even a good battery in the loyalty box or just some fun supplies I usually get.. I really feel like I could have spent my money on something I could actually, try, review, or share with friends. This box totally depressed me!


Hope you are doing well. We're sorry to hear you were disappointed with our January Koality Box. However, please note that we do release the items for each monthly box before your subscription automatically renews so you can always skip a month if you don't like the items in that month's box. Please feel free to contact us at if you need an assistance with managing your subscription.

Thank you! Have a Koality Day!
-Koality Team

Lisa Smith

I love these boxes more than any other subscription box!! AMAZING JOB ANGELA!!! These boxes are FIRE!! STAY LIFTED AND HUMBLE!!

Francisco A Gautreaux Jr

Wife loved everything in the box she got for Christmas

tayla greenier

I love my monthly box. I will defiantly be getting a mystery box for January. The only kicker was shipping prices, but it is what it is.