July 2021 Koality Box

It's the JULY Koality Box 


*Limited Quantity*
The Koality team has done it again! Carefully curated by Koala and Team, this July Koality box is sure to please everyone from the beginner toker to the well seasoned connoisseur! 
So get your lungs ready, because this box brings all the smoke.

In this month's Koality Care Package, you will get the following: 
Dab Rig
Dab Tool
Bear Quartz Banger
Bear Quartz Carb Cap
Custom Koala Moodmat
Terp Wipes
P.S. There's a secret video puff from Koala if you scan the QR code on the product card ;)
**All items vary in design/color depending on the box**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

These boxes are amazing! comes with everything you'll need and more, love the rig :)

Skai Simmons
I Love these boxes ❤️

This is the second box I’ve gotten from Koala, and they are so worth it!! And it came extremely well packed, they care about each product ❤️

Heaven Scott
Best dab box ever

This was the perfect little 710 treat for myself! After being in the hospital all of 420 I really wanted to celebrate big on 710 and koala made that totally possible! As soon as I saw the boxes I had sent them to everybody saying I wanted one for my birthday, well I ended up being impatient and ordering myself one! A second one showed up today from my nonna (grandma) as a bday gift and let me tell you, I was blessed to see the green rig in there so now I have the green and Pink! 😍❤️ On top of that I have a new round bottom 14mm banger which is a bless up because I only had the 10mm before! This was the best boxes I’ve ever seen, I’ve never ordered one of these smoker boxes so I’m very impressed with my first ones!! ❤️❤️❤️

Eric Mendoza
Loved it

Not my first box and definitely was blown away by this one, this is my new favorite dab rig, definitely gonna get another box in the future!

Shelby Jones
Fucking awesome!!!

Best rig I’ve ever had!!