Don't miss out on the F*ck 2020 Box. Get yours now!

Koality Box - F* 2020
Koality Box - F* 2020

Koality Box - F* 2020

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Bring on 2021 - F*@% 2020

Our first box of the new year, this is the F*@% 2020 box

Regardless of what 2020 was for us all individually, most of us are ready to say CYA never.

Out with the old, in with the new. New year, new goals, new challenges, new ups, new downs, and a new slate to make the most of it all.

This box is valued up to $200. You receive:

  • Fuck 2020 Beaker Bong
  • Ab Roller exercise wheel
  • Happy Kit Mini
  • Vibrating facial cleanser by Millennial Beaute
  • Smokebuddy Jr. Personal Air Filter
  • Gluegar stick by Caligars (x2)
  • Rolling accessories (lighter, wraps)



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