Virtual Puff and Paint
Virtual Puff and Paint
Virtual Puff and Paint

Virtual Puff and Paint

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Let's get artsy fartsy with a virtual Puff and Paint!!

WHEN: Saturday, Sept 26th at 11am PDT / 2pm ET

About our Artist: Karin, also known as, PrettyOdd.

(@_prettyoddartist on IG)

She is a visual artist. She is passionate and intuitive and that is evident through the work she creates. With her God given talent she looks to manifest work that the viewer can connect with on a deeper level than what meets the eye. She also aims to take people out of their comfort zone and fully embrace the creative composition and content.

What are we painting? The big reveal will come closer to the event! Check the photos for what we painted last time!

This will be a PrettyOdd original. Her artwork is inspired by nature and the female anatomy so you can consider it a puff and paint 'after dark'. 

This ticket does not come with supplies. 

The following supplies are suggested:

  1. Blank canvas (11x14 recommended)
  2. 1 Large flat brush, 1 small flat brush, and 1 thin brush (see photo for example)
  3. Paint in colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow (required for the planned art, but feel free to bring more too!)
  4. An easel or a nice area to lay your canvas
  5. Cups of water for rinsing your brushes
  6. A plate or tray to dispense your paint
  7. Towel/paper towel
  8. Your favorite kind of cannabis to consume *optional*
  9. Koala Puffs Apron *optional* (use code KPAPRON for a discount)


This is a large group event, tickets limited. Everyone that wants to be on camera can be!


-You must use a valid and working email, this will be the email used for your confirmation and delivery of your Zoom link. Your link will be delivered 1 hour before the class.